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Poker Show. Sara Chafak. Sara Chafak, born 1990, is Finnish-Moroccan actress, model, singer and songwriter living in Finland, Helsinki. She is most known of her beauty pageant title as Miss Universe Finland 2012.

A clip from poker TV show sponsored by PokerStars and called "Shark Cage" is becoming viral on the internet. All thanks to Ronnie Bardah, a poker professional, getting completely outplayed and bluffed out of his strong hand by beautiful Sara Chafak, who represented Finland in the 2012 Miss Universe. Sara Jean Underwood Poker - tramvianapoli.com This time analyzing a hand played during the PokerStars Shark Cage TV show between Miss Finland (Sara Chafak) and poker pro Ronnie Bardah! With years of experience playing some of the highest stakes tournaments in the world you would never expect Ronnie to make a mistake vs a complete poker newbie...however you also wouldn't expect a newbie to ... Image Gallery: Sara Chafak - KeywordSuggest Using our free SEO "Keyword Suggest" keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis "Sara Chafak" in detail. In this section you can find synonyms for the word "Sara Chafak", similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing the full picture of possible uses for this word (Expressions).

Sara Chafak is a Finnish beauty pageant winner who was crowned Miss Finland 2012 and represented Finland in Miss Universe 2012.

Sara Chafak, severská královna krásy v prosincové Praze Asi nejvýraznější mimopokerovou osobností byla na letošním pražském podniku série European Poker Tour čtyřiadvacetiletá finská modelka Sara Chafak.

Sara Chafak, the former Miss Finland, has made a big splash on the poker scene over the last year or so, ever since that "bluff heard round the world" against Ronnie Bardah on Shark Cage. She's not just a pretty face though - she has loved poker ever since she was a kid!

Calling the Clock: Sara Chafak | Videos | PokerNews Sarah puts Shark Cage hopeful and former Miss Finland Sara Chafak through 60 seconds of rapid fire questions. BlogNews Weekly: Chess Roulette, Miss Finland, and the ... Jennifer Shahade tries to give us a chance to beat her at chess, while partypoker goes Formula 1. And yes, there's also a video of Sara Chafak.

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Miss Finland 2012. Chafak was crowned Miss Suomi 2012 (Miss Finland 2012) by outgoing beauty queen Sara Sieppi at the Vanajanlinna Castle in Hämeenlinna in southern Finland on 29 January 2012. Miss Universe 2012. Chafak participated in the 61st edition of the Miss Universe pageant. Calling the Clock: Sara Chafak - YouTube