Public health perspective towards gambling

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Problem Gambling from a Public Health Perspective

Gambling and the Health of the Public: Adopting a Public ... Gambling and the Health of the Public: Adopting a Public Health Perspective. Place gambling within a public health framework by examining it from several perspectives, including population health, human ecology and addictive behaviors; 3. Outline the major public health issues about how gambling can affect individuals, families and communities; 4. Gambling and the Health of the Public: Adopting a Public ... The following section explores gambling through five primary do- mains within a contemporary public health perspective: (1) concepts of health and illness, (2) health promotion, (3) epidemiology and dis- ease control, (4) population health, and (5) human ecology. Youth gambling problems: a public health perspective ... A public health approach incorporates a multi-dimensional perspective, recognizes the individual and social determinants, draws upon health promotion principles, and applies population-based theory. As such, a public health framework remains a pro-active approach to addressing youth gambling. Youth Gambling: A Public Health Perspective - Addiction ...

Gambling and the Health of the Public: Adopting a Public

Public Health: Gambling - PubMed Central (PMC) Gambling. The public health perspective on gambling is that it is a behaviour in which people have indulged for millenia, that there are both potential benefits and harms to individuals and communities arising from gambling activities and that the general stance toward gambling should be one of harm reduction.

Information about public gambling attitudes and gambling participation is crucial for the effective prevention of gambling-related harm. This study investigates female and male attitudes towards gambling, gambling participation, and gambling-related harm in the Finnish population aged 15–74.

To date there has been little dialogue within the public health sector in particular, or among health care practitioners in general, about the potential health impact of gambling or gambling-related problems. This article encourages the adoption of a public health perspective towards gambling. More specifically, this discussion has four primary objectives: VOLUME 3 Gambling and the Public Health, Part 1 From the public health perspective, it is important to look at both the potential benefits and consequences of an activity such as gambling. In the final chapter, “Does Exposure Always Lead to Gambling Problems?,”


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